Status: Sold Out (mint + AIrdrop Completed)

If you missed the mint/airdop, and wish to purchase one, head over to OpenSea:

  1. The very first CheckPunk was airdropped to Jack as an homage to his very own Punk #6307.
  2. The following 6,666 XY/Male CheckPunks were minted to the public for 1/Free per wallet.
  3. An additional 2,887 XX/Female CheckPunks were airdropped to current holders at a ratio of 2:1.
  4. The remaining 446 XX/Female CheckPunks were minted directly to the team wallet for use in community giveaways & initiatives.

Foreword Forward

As an avid follower of Jack’s body of work, I’ve always been fascinated by his ability to capture narratives, distill them for value, and convey them through punchy visuals. His aesthetic style aligns with what I personally find visually appealing (i.e., monochromatic color palettes, font-family: Carbon Bold, usage of negative space).

Beyond how he tells these stories, are the stories themselves—a push for process, a constant nudge towards improvement, and the underlying truths behind what it takes to build great product (whether that be a commercial one, or the inner-product we all strive to build).

Jack’s Checks encompasses both of these things to their fullest; an abundance of storytelling is found embedded throughout the entire project—both the art and the process.

If you haven’t read through it already, I encourage everyone to check out his (continually evolving) thread around Checks:

Collection: CheckPunks

CheckPunks is a CC0 derivative of Jack Butcher’s Checks (, or more clearly stated, a collection of CryptoPunks created using Checks.

Punks are undoubtedly one of the most culturally-relevant NFT collections, not only through its rich history, but the repute it often commands. Even moreso than Apes or Azuki, Punk-holders often come imbued with a crypto-rich backstory carrying with it an often-justified flex.

This, alongside the technical feasibility of replicating a 24px canvas, made CheckPunks an obvious derivative collection worth dropping.

1/1 Homage

Set as the first token in the collection is a unique one-of-one tribute to Jack, based on the Punk he often uses as a PFP (Punk #6307, rendered using VV colors).

This will be minted directly to Jack’s wallet at jckbtchr.eth

Logistics: Supply / XY & XX

The total supply for CheckPunks is broken down into 2 phases—XY and XX phases (or Males and Females).

The initial mint will consist of the original 6,666 XY supply, as well as the 1/1 Homage (which will be minted directly to Jack’s wallet).

The remaining XX supply will be minted 72 hours after the original XY supply mints out, through the following process:

  1. A XX CheckPunk will be airdropped to wallets holding 2 or more XY CheckPunks, proportionate to every multiple of 2 held. Example: A wallet holding 10 XY CheckPunks will be airdropped 5 XX CheckPunks. A wallet holding 7 XY CheckPunks will be airdropped 3 XX CheckPunks.
  2. Following the airdrop, any remaining XX CheckPunks will be made available for mint.

Here is the cost of mint for each of the phases:

Note: The airdrop will be completely free (gas paid for by me).

Traits: Rarity / New vs. Original

Much of the collection’s details (both supply and overall trait distribution) closely mirrors that of the original CryptoPunks collection.

The original trait distribution was mapped and similar percentages were used to generate the CheckPunks collection. This should, albeit imperfectly, preserve rarity across various traits.

As for the decision to generate new punk combinations (opposed to re-creating old ones), the decision was done for the following reasons:

However, to that end, a Carbon Copy trait will be added in the near future, which will signify if a certain CheckPunk identically mirrors one of the original CryptoPunks.

Note: Inspiration for this trait stems from the Obits Collection and their Dead Ringer trait.


Light Mode

Dark Mode

Metadata Changelog

2023-07-11 [TXN] – Fixed skin tones on a few of CheckPunks, updated trait spelling, and added fix to missing Carbon Copy traits.

2023-02-12 [TXN] – Turned on Dark Mode for all CheckPunks (upon request by the community).

2023-02-06 [TXN] – Added fix to a handful of missing Carbon Copy traits.

2023-02-05 [TXN] – Add Carbon Copy traits to the Remainder (Token #501 - #10,000).

2023-01-29 [TXN] – Add Carbon Copy traits to the Genesis batch (Token #1 - #500).

2023-01-19 [TXN] – Reveal all XX CheckPunk tokens (following the Airdrop and Community Reserve mints).

2023-01-19 [TXN] – Add the unrevealed metadata for the XX CheckPunk tokens.

2023-01-18 [TXN] – Stitched the final batch of Hoodies (batch: Token #3001 - #6666.

2023-01-17 [TXN] – Updated the metadata to showcase a working PFP Toggle for Token #1.

2023-01-17 [TXN] – Stitched the second batch of Hoodies (batch: Token #1001 - #3000.

2023-01-16 [TXN] – Applied a fix to stitch up Hoodies (the initial batch: Token #1 - #1000). Stitching = adjustments made to fix issues with overlapping layers.

2023-01-16 [TXN] – Fixing the fuck-up. Hot-fixed metadata for Token #6667 which was incorrectly pointing to Image #1. Metadata changes pushed only after token was acquired by team.